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  • WE DO NOT walk dogs in large packs. We walk a max of 6 dogs together which means your dog will not be cramped in the vehicle, is safer, will have their walker's attention and therefore have the maximum amount of fun possible!!


  • All our staff have fully equipped vehicles with crates and safety belts so you can be assured your dog is being transported in the safest way posssible.


  • We do not use our homes as kennels!  If your dog is booked in for day care or boarding, they will usually be the only dog or possibly with one other.  We like to keep it a very homely experience for our pooches so you will not turn up at a carer's home to find 10 dogs running around!!


  • For dogs that need regular walks- We allocate by area but normally we have more than 1 walker in each area.  Wherever possible we will assign your dog to a pack and walker suited to their breed type and personality                                                      

  • We have an easy online booking service.  Each customer has their own log in and can request and book services via our online portal.


  • We take into consideration your working patterns and try to ensure where possible that your pet's day is broken up evenly with a walk as close to lunch time as possible. 


  • We always walk our dogs in an open space.  We do not stand in parks with our pooches……we walk!!!  This helps your dog to learn, exercise and socialise.


  • For every new customer that uses our regular dog walking service, we will give you daily updates for the first couple of weeks of how each walk went. 


  • We have Nanny Cam (well sort of)!!!  All team members at The Pet Butler upload photos of the dogs/cats in their care daily to our Facebook page, so you can see what your pet has been up to!!


  • We are easily identifiable.....each team member will have a hoodie or t shirt on whilst out walking and all vehicles have signs bearing The Pet Butler's logo and contact details.

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